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Aeroacoustics: Physical principles and modeling approaches

TIFR Center for Applicable Mathematics, Bangalore
20-21 May, 2015


Prof. Karthik Duraisamy
Department of Aerospace Engineering
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.


Course goals


Basic understanding of fluid mechanics and partial differential equations.

Course contents


The lectures will be held in LH-111 (first floor).

Supported by


  1. Sumit Kumar Patel, Aerospace, IISc.
  2. Josy P. Pullockara, CTFD, NAL
  3. Sintu Singha, CTFD, NAL
  4. Kaushik K. N., CTFD, NAL
  5. Saikishan Suryanarayanan, EMU, JNCASR
  6. Daisy Dahiya, TIFR-CAM
  7. Santhosh A. K. Aerospace, IISc.
  8. Parveena Shamin, Mathematics, IITM
  9. Vasudeva Murthy, TIFR-CAM
  10. Deepak H. S., Mathematics, MSRSAS
  11. Praveen Kumar B., Aerospace, IISc
  12. Ramanathan V., Aerospace, IISc
  13. Deep Ray, TIFR-CAM
  14. Praveen C., TIFR-CAM