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Compact Course on Mathematical Aspects of Euler Equations

Dates : January 21 - February 01, 2019
Venue : TIFR Center for Applicable Mathematics, Bangalore



Eduard Feireisl
Institute of Mathematics
Czech Academy of Sciences
Czech Republic

Eduard Feireisl is a Professor of Mathematics in the Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. He is a renowned specialist in the mathematical theory of fluid dynamics whose expertise has been recognized by many awards, the latest being the Bernard Bolzano Medal.


We consider the phenomenon of oscillations in the solution families to partial differential equations. To begin, we briefly discuss the mechanisms preventing oscillations/concentrations and make a short excursion in the theory of compensated compactness. Pursuing the philosophy "everything what is not forbidden is allowed" we show that certain problems in fluid dynamics admit oscillatory solutions. This fact gives rise to two rather unexpected and in a way contradictory results: (i) many problems describing inviscid fluid motion in several space dimensions admit global-in-time (weak solution); (ii) the solutions are not determined uniquely by their initial data. We examine the basic analytical tool behind these rather ground breaking results - the method of convex integration applied to problems in fluid mechanics and, in particular, to the Euler system.

Course Contents


The audience should be familiar with Sobolev spaces, functional analysis, and general theory of hyperbolic PDEs.

Who can apply ?

The course is open to PhD research scholars, post-docs, faculty and scientists working in mathematics departments. Preference will be given to those working on the mathematical aspects of Euler equations.

How to apply ?

Selection will be made based on your CV and research interests. Please send your latest CV and also ask your advisor to send a recommendation letter to

Deadline for application

21 December, 2018

Announcement of selected participants

24 December, 2018


All selected outstation participants will be paid III AC return train fare from their place of study/work to Bangalore. Boarding and lodging in shared accommodations in the hostel will be provided to outstation participants for the period of the workshop.

Organizing Committee

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