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Information for participants


Accommodations are arranged in TIFR-CAM and in CVH, IISc. You can arrive on 21 June and you must vacate the accommodation by 2 July, 2015. To find out about your accommodation, see this document.

You may be asked to show your id card when you check into your accommodation.

Taxis, autos

From Airport: As you come out of airport, there is a taxi stand to your left. You have to join the queue and get a taxi (Megacabs, Merucabs, KSTDC). All these taxis run on meter and they will give a receipt. You may also have to pay a toll (Rs. 120) on the way for which you will get a receipt.

From City Railway station: You can take a 'pre-paid' auto from the train station and remember to keep your receipt. You can also take a city bus from the BMTC bus stand which is opposite to the train station. To cross the road between train station and BMTC stand, use the underground path. Some of the bus coming to Yelahanka New Town Bus Stand are: 402B, 402D, 284D. Please ask the bus conductor if it goes to Yelahanka New Town Bus Stand. Once you reach Yelahanka New Town Bus Stand, follow the instructions below to reach TIFR-CAM.

From Yeshwantpura Railway station: One can take a 'pre-paid' auto. This is located outside the exit of Platform No. 6. Remember to keep your receipt

Olacabs: If you use the olacabs mobile app, you can book a taxi through that.

How to reach TIFR-CAM

TIFR-CAM is located in Sharadanagar, Chikkabommasandra. This area is behind Yelahanka New Town Bus Stand. Beside the bus stand, you will see a big yellow board with TIFR name on it. Go along this road, under the Sharadanagar arch, and at the end of the road, turn left. Proceed to the end of the road and you will see TIFR-CAM building to your left.

If you have trouble finding the building, call our security people at 080-66953700 and they will help you with the route.

Note: There is also a road from Dairy Circle, through the Sai Baba arch. But this road may be closed due to repair work.

Sharadanagar, Chikkabommasandra
Behind Yelahanka New Town Bus Stand
Tel: 080-6695 3700

How to reach CVH, IISc

Centenary Visitor's House (CVH) is located on the North-East corner of the IISc campus. It is close to Ramaiah Hospital and can be quickly reached through the IISc gate located on New BEL Road beside Ramaiah Memorial Hospital.

Entry into IISc is restricted. Please keep your institute id card and our invitation letter with you. If the security people ask for your business in IISc, you can say that you are staying in CVH and show your id card if necessary.

Note that IISc is more popularly known as Tata Institute. On different sides, the campus is surrounded by Malleshwaram, Yeshwantpura, Mathikere and New BEL Road.

Centenary Visitors House
Tata Institute
(Indian Institute of Science Campus)
Tel: 080-2293 3500

Also, see this page on how to reach IISc.


Breakfast and lunch is arranged for the participants during 22--26 June and 29 June--1 July in TIFR-CAM. Please wear your name tag when you go to take food. Food is served on second floor, on the front side of the building.

For dinner, and for food during weekends, no special arrangements have been made. You can eat in our common canteen and pay for the food yourself, or in some nearby restaurant. Those staying in CVH can eat in the many restaurants on New BEL Road. All outstation participants will be paid for this food expense at a fixed rate which you can claim along with your travel claim.

Dinner in TIFR-CAM: If you want to have dinner in the TIFR-CAM canteen, you must write your name in the register available at the canteen counter and select the food items you desire (before 5pm). They prepare dinner only for the people who give their names. You must write your name every day that you want to have dinner in TIFR-CAM canteen.

If you want to try some restaurants around TIFR-CAM, please refer to this page.

Transport from IISc to TIFR-CAM

During 22-26 June and 29 June -- 1 July, a bus is arranged from CVH, IISc to TIFR-CAM. The bus will start at 8:00am from CVH so that you can have breakfast in TIFR-CAM. The bus will go back to IISc in the evening after the program ends. Those staying in CVH and participants from IISc can make use of it.


It is possible that it may rain during the period of the school/workshop. It is a good idea to bring an umbrella with you.

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