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Project Assistant and Post-doc positions under Airbus Project



TIFR-CAM invites applications for project assistant and post-doc positions for the following areas.

Flow control: This project involves developing numerical methods and codes to perform flow control using feedback theory for Navier-Stokes equations. You will develop finite element codes for solving Navier-Stokes equations and implement feedback control strategies into them.

Discontinuous Galerkin (DG) Methods: This project involves developing novel methods and software based on discontinuous Galerkin approach for compressible flows and on moving grids in one and two dimensions.

Both projects require advanced level of computing skills.

Required qualitifications

Desirable background


The position will be initially given for one year with possibility of extending it for another year based on performance. Shared accommodation will be provided subject to its availability, otherwise, selected candidates are entitled for HRA @ 30% of Stipend/Fellowship.

How to apply

Please send your latest CV along with preprints of papers or project reports demonstrating your computational skills to praveen -at- math [dot] tifrbng [dot] res [dot] in . You must also provide names of two references who can give recommendation regarding your qualifications and work experience.

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