Visiting Student Research Programme 2014


List of selected candidates for VSRP 2014 Programme

Following is the list of students selected for summer internship at TIFR-CAM. A faculty member has been allocated for each student. The student will fix the dates and duration of internship in consultation with the assigned faculty member. The cost of a Sleeper class train ticket by shortest route for your travel to Bangalore will be reimbursed on production of the original ticket. A monthly stipend of Rs. 7000/- will be provided which will suffice to pay for boarding and lodging at TIFR-CAM during the course of your internship.

Please confirm your acceptance by writing an email to ssrp -at-

Sl No. Name Faculty Name Duration
1 Namratha Bhat B A S Vasudeva Murthy 01-07-2014 31-08-2014
2 Preeti Vaid A S Vasudeva Murthy 03-05-2014 30-06-2014
3 Sathish G Deevi A S Vasudeva Murthy 07-06-2014 07-08-2014
4 Vishnupriya Anupindi C S Aravinda 15-04-2014 15-06-2014
5 Jayati Kaushik C S Aravinda 15-04-2014 15-06-2014
6 Sriraksha Srinivasan C S Aravinda 15-04-2014 15-06-2014
7 Sushovan Majhi Seema Nanda 24-06-2014 23-07-2014
8 TATTWA DARSHI PANDA G D V Gowda 01-07-2014 31-07-2014
9 Mitul Islam Imran Biswas Please contact assigned faculty
10 Debanjan Nandi K Sandeep 02-06-2014 30-07-2014
11 MAHESH T K T Joseph 15-04-2014 15-06-2014
12 JAGDEEP SINGH K T Joseph 06-05-2014 05-06-2014
13 RACHNEET KAUR Mythily Ramaswamy 15-05-2014 15-07-2014
14 Deepak Kamlesh Mythily Ramaswamy 31-05-2014 31-07-2014
15 Princee Baruah Mythily Ramaswamy 01-07-2014 31-08-2014
16 Pallavi Mythily Ramaswamy 01-06-2014 31-07-2014
17 MADHU GUPTA Venky Krishnan 15-05-2014 15-07-2014
18 ISHA Venky Krishnan 09-06-2014 19-07-2014
19 Anuj Kumar Tyagi Venky Krishnan

Applications are closed

TIFR's Centre for Applicable Mathematics is a unique centre of research, with the faculty working in both pure and applied areas of mathematics. Every year we offer summer internships to several undergraduate and graduate students from around the country to work with faculty on various research projects culminating sometimes in new results. These internships typically take place during the summer, though it is possible to have them at another time of the year. You may discuss the options once you are selected. The aim of this internship is to expose the student to an academic research experience and for the student to work towards problems of importance. The students are expected to have the ability to work fairly independently and to have a strong desire to be problem solvers. At the end of the internship, the students will be required to make a presentation and write a report of their work.

Period of Internship:

Summer internship is typically for a length of 1 or 2 months between May - July of each year, though longer internships and/or other times of the year are possible as well.

How to Apply:
Please request one Referee, usually a teacher or academic advisor who can comment on your academic qualifications, to send us a recommendation letter by email at by the deadline of February 28 , 2014. Your application will be considered incomplete without this letter.

Fill in the following online application form by application deadline: February 28 , 2014

Apply now ( Application Deadline: February 28 , 2014 )

ONLY selected candidates will be intimated by email before March 15, 2014 and also announced on this website. Please do not contact us about status of the application.


If selected you will be automatically considered for a stipend of Rs.6000 per month and for hostel accommodation at a nominal charge. You may also fund your own internship from other sources that you may have.

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