Research Interest

Probability Theory


  1. Brownian excursions and critical quantum random graphs. (arXiv:1404.5705) (with Amir Dembo and Anna Levit) In progress.

  1. A note on global suprema of band-limited spherical random functions. (arXiv:1404.3081) (with Domenico Marinucci) To appear in Statistics and Probability Letters.

  1. High frequency asymptotics for Lipschitz-Killing curvatures of excursion sets on the sphere. (arXiv:1303.2456) (with Domenico Marinucci) Submitted.

  1. Random fields and the geometry of Wiener space. (arXiv:1105.3839v1) (with Jonathan Taylor) Ann. Probab. 41 (2013), no. 4, 2724–2754.

  1. Fractional Brownian flows. (arXiv:0804.4376v2) J. Theoret. Probab. 23 (2010), no. 1, 257–276.

  1. Global geometry under isotropic Brownian flows. (arXiv:0808.0720v1) (with Robert Adler) Electron. Comm. Probab. 11 (2006), 182–192.