Instructional Workshop on FEM

2-13 July 2012

TIFR Center for Applicable Mathematics

Bangalore-560065, India


First Announcement of Workshop

The workshop will provide theoretical and practical introduction to finite element methods for partial differential equations. The emphasis will be on providing sufficient theoretical background for the use of finite element methods. The theoretical lectures will be complemented with lectures on implementation of FEM in a computer program.

Automated computing

Writing finite element code for 2D/3D problems can be a daunting task for a beginner. However it is necessary to get first hand experience in all aspects of FEM implementation. Some of the lectures will teach the implementation of FEM for a model problems using MATLAB or C/C++. Once the basics are understood, it is possible to use some finite element libraries to do most of the tasks involved in FEM without worrying about all the implementation details. A second part will teach the use of FEM software like FENICS which  eases the task of writing a finite element code.

Target audience

The intended audience will be masters students pursuing applied mathematics, scientific computing or engineering  and PhD students who are embarking on a similar study. Young scientists working in research laboratories will also benefit from this workshop. Some familiarity in Analysis and PDE will be required, together with a basic knowledge of scientific computing. Some of the practical sessions will use MATLAB and/or C/C++, so that familiarity with these languages would be desirable.

Dates, duration, other information

Deadline for online application                                              15 April, 2012

Announcement of selected participants                                    1 May, 2012

Workshop                                                                            2-13 July, 2012

1.All selected participants will be paid travel support (II AC or according to GOI rules), hostel accommodation and food expenses during the duration of the workshop.

2.All participants are required to bring their own laptop for practical sessions.

Organizing Committee

G. D. Veerappa Gowda, A. S. Vasudeva Murthy,  Praveen. C

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