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9 Oct

Bobby Philip

3D Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement and Multilevel Preconditioning for Non-Equilibrium Radiation Diffusion

17 Oct

Ratnesh Shukla

Optimal tangential surface velocity for energetically efficient drag reduction and self-propulsion

23 Oct

Santosh Hemchandra

Combustion instability: fundamental mechanisms and modeling

30 Oct

Lutz Tobiska

Local projection stabilization for convection-diffusion and flow problems

12 Nov

R. I. Sujith

Prognosis of an Impending Combustion instability


7 Mar

Panchatcharam Mariappan

Towards a GPU/CPU FPM tool on shallow water equation

19 Mar

Phaneendra K. Yalavarthy

Model-Resolution Based Deconvolution of Diffuse Optical and Photoacoustic Images

24-25 Apr

Ranjith Kunnath

Interfacial elastic waves and frictional slip instabilities

21 Aug

Manil Mohan

Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equations in Unbounded Channel Domains

4 Sep

Sylvain Ervedoza

On the controllability of non-homogeneous viscous Navier-Stokes Equations

16 Sep

Christian Klingenberg

A kinetic model for mixtures with application to plasma flow

9 Oct

Markus Zenk

The Suliciu-Relaxation and its application to some balance laws


20 Jan

Vladimir Sharafutdinov

The linearized problem of Magneto-Photoelasticity

22 Jan

Vladimir Sharafutdinov

Killing Tensor Fields on the 2-Torus

23 Feb

Carsten Carstensen

Axioms of Adaptivity

19 May

Karthik Duraisamy

Data-driven Closure Modeling using Functional Inversion and Machine Learning

11 Sep

Avijit Chatterjee

A Multilevel higher-order framework for linear wave propagation

7 Oct

Christian Klingenberg

Progress in all-Mach number flows and well-balanced methods for the compressible Euler equations

20 Oct

Sarvesh Kumar

Discontinuous finite volume element methods and its applications

16 Nov

Olivier Pironneau

Automatic differentiation for the stochastic ode of finance

17 Nov

Aniruddha Sinha

Strategies for active flow control of high-speed jets

11 Dec

Sriram Raghunath

Wall-resolved LES of supersonic channel flows: Subgrid-scale closures for internal energy equation formulation


10 Mar

Souvik Roy

Error estimates for Sanders third order accurate TVD scheme for scalar conservation laws in 1D

22 Mar

Prateek Sharma

Numerical implementation of anisotropic diffusion

26 Apr

Ram Nair

Element-Based High-Order Galerkin Methods for Atmospheric Numerical Modeling

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